Saturday, July 2, 2016

The Greatest Garden Hose Ever

60% OFF - Save $151 on 100ft Expanding Garden Hose

Last month I helped a friend during her month-long trip to Europe to keep the garden in shape - which meant to water it almost daily during this heat wave...  I expected to haul heavy garden hoses through her extensive property.  But no: She had a wonderful lightweight garden hose that looked like crinkled fabric and expanded from one end of the garden, around the house, and all the way to the other side of the property fence. 

She showed me how to use this amazing garden hose: 
  • First you roll the hose completely from the holder
  • Only then you open the faucet
  • Once the water runs through the hose, it expands to its full length

It works like a charm! The hose is so light and so easy to use, it's suddenly a total pleasure to water the garden, and so much faster. No twisting and kinking and forth and back running, like it used to be with the old, heavy garden hoses.
And today I saw this 100 ft Expanding Garden Hose on sale at Amazon!

Price:         $250.00
Sale: $99.00 plus  FREE Shipping
You Save: $151.00 (60%)

Order here:

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★LIGHTWEIGHT WILL NOT TWIST TANGLE OR KINK. This hose does everything the other hoses claim only better. Don't waste your hard earned money on products that work for a couple days or weeks then fall apart.
★SOLID BRASS ENDS. No more leaks around the plastic fittings. We designed the mold to give you the best brass fittings available today. Don't be fooled by imitations.
★INDESTRUCTIBLE DOUBLE LAYER LATEX CORE. We talked to our engineers after hearing about all the other hoses leaking and came up with a product that will hold water at pressures that are out of this world.
★12 Month Warranty for Manufacturing

Watering Your Garden. 
Never water your yard in the heat of the day. First you waste a lot of water due to evaporation and second it CAN burn your grass or plant leaves. Best time to water is from 4am till no later than about 7am.

You are doing fine to water two or three times a week, soaking the soil thoroughly. Those people who water every single day and over-water are creating lawns that develop short shallow roots and are susceptible to dying in the winter if there is a bad freeze. In the summer their grass requires MORE water as the roots are not digging down deep looking for a water source either nor are they able to retain the moisture being that close to the surface. The deeper the roots the better your grass will survive a long hot and dry summer and a freezing cold winter. 
In flower beds Mulch is your friend to help retain water/moisture in those areas and keep them from drying out.