Thursday, March 19, 2009

Seeds, seeds, seeds

I must admit, right now I am in a shopping spree.

But those web pages are too tempting... Searching for Lavender seeds I found, a company with huge variety of seeds, mostly native to Canada, germination tips and discription of plants, topped by beautiful images, I just could not stop adding to my shopping cart.

And then I need a larger house to have space for all these trays and pots... My whole desk is occupied, the tables, kitchen counter, window sills, the oven ... I will have to go to a restaurant every day for the next weeks due to lack of space to cook and eat at home. Just kidding!

See what I bought:
ANEMONE canadensis
CLEMATIS potaninii
EUPHORBIA polychroma
CORNUS officinalis
HOSTA sieboldiana elegans
LINUM flavum 'Compactum'
LAVANDULA angustifolia

MALUS floribunda
POTENTILLA fruticosa
ROSA rugosa
But that's not all: Last fall I collected pounds of Castor, Heuchera, Armeria, Salvia, Sedum and Brugmansia seeds in my garden, that are waiting to be seeded.

I will be very busy for the next weeks to nurture them all ...